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08/05/2017: One Punch published in all formats.
28/03/2017: The Hard Swim published in Spanish translation.
31/01/2017: Audiobook of The Bleak published on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.
17/01/2017: The Hard Swim published in Portuguese translation.
29/11/2016: The Private Lie published in Spanish translation.
25/11/2016: The Strange Girl published in Italian translation.
08/10/2016: Storey published in all formats.
02/08/2016: Portuguese translation of The Private Lie contracted.
01/08/2016: Portuguese translation of Altered Life finished and distribution begun.
08/04/2016: The Private Lie contracted to be translated into Italian.
21/03/2016: Altered Life contracted to be translated into Spanish and Portuguese.
07/03/2016: Actress contracted to be turned into an audiobook, read by Virginia Ferguson.
01/02/2015: Short story published: The Second Guess.
17/01/2016: Actress published in Spanish as Actriz, translated by Carolina Orihuela. Available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, B%N etc.
19/10/2015: The Innocent Dead published in all formats.
29/08/2015: The Bleak wins in its category of Private Eye/Noir in Chanticleer CLUE Competition!
13/08/2015: The Bleak chosen as finalist in CLUE Suspense/Thriller Competition, run by Chanticleer Book Reviews.
27/07/2015: The Hard Swim chosen as ‘Book of the Week’ by Bookworks, the Self-Publishers Association.
27/05/2015: The Private Lie goes live as an audiobook.
15/05/2015: Revised covers of the Sam Dyke novels created and uploaded.
01/05/2015: The Secret Sharers published in all formats.
23/04/2015: Agreement reached for translation of Actress into Portuguese.
01/04/2015: Altered Life goes live as an audiobook.
11/03/3015: Actress makes short-list for Wishing Shelf 2015 prize.
08/03/2015: Altered Life production completed.
08/10/2014: Agreement reached with voice artist Rob Ellis to produce all Sam Dyke Investigations books as audiobooks.
26/09/2014: The Strange Girl published in all formats.
05/09/2014: The Strange Girl put on pre-order at Amazon. Release date: 26/09/2014.
03/09/2014: Contract agreed with voice artist Rob Ellis to produce audiobook of Altered Life for ACX.
15/08/2014: Actress available as a free download for Amazon Kindle.
01/08/2014: Short story ‘The Same Old Story’ published in anthology Shadows and Light: To Benefit Women’s Aid.
23/07/2014: Contract signed to have Actress translated into Spanish.
16/07/2014: Contract agreed to have Actress translated into Chinese.
16/05/2014: The Sam Dyke Box Set published in all formats – books 1-3 in the series.
06/05/2014: The Bleak published in all formats.
13/10/2013: Actress awarded Awesome Indie status.
14/06/2013 – Actress, the new novel.
28/05/2013: All existing books loaded to Smashwords, for distribution to Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo and others.
24/05/2013: Crime Writing Confidential published in Kindle and paperback format.
25/02/2013: The Hard Swim published in Kindle and paperback format. Out now!
05/10/2012: New editions of Altered Life and The Private Lie now available. The Hard Swim coming soon …