Crime Writing Confidential


Ever wondered how crime writers manage to enthrall and entice you into wanting to read their books? Ever wanted to do that yourself?

In this collection of critiques and essays, Keith Dixon demonstrates how crime fiction writers put together their books, using a close analysis of the way they write – their tactics, their strategies, their actual prose. Focusing on a number of recent books by the famous and not-so-famous, his analysis will help new writers understand the nuts and bolts of construction and how to develop their own writing style. If you’re looking for how you can write a book or just improve your writing skills, then this collection of essays will help. If you’re writing crime fiction, it will be invaluable.

“Excellent. Insightful, entertaining and inspiring. I thoroughly recommend this book to all aspiring authors, regardless of genre.”

J.R. Slatcher

“I read this at one sitting. If you want to know how famous authors put their books together, use metaphor, simile and dialogue in developing a good story, this is for you. Keith Dixon reads and appreciates much of the stuff that I do. …¬†Great and instructive reading.”

‘Suejeff’ ¬†(Amazon reviewer)

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