The Innocent Dead

Mark and Bobbie Ware have the perfect life—a huge mansion, enough money to satisfy every conceivable need, and a delightful son of ten years of age.

But this all changes when a man disrupts that life by taking from it the single most important possession the family enjoys: its happiness.

With little hope they call on Private Investigator Sam Dyke to help regain their peace of mind. To do so he must confront and defeat an enemy whose high intelligence and will-power is dedicated to promoting the cause of the most deadly threat facing the world today—international terrorism.

If Sam fails, not only do the Wares lose everything they’ve worked for, but the global battle against terrorism in the Middle East will become almost impossible to win.

“Absolutely awesome page turner.”
Dee Gruesel


WHEN THE CAR stopped suddenly he looked up from his iPad and glanced through the front windscreen.

He knew they were close to home because he recognised the hedges and the twist of the road ahead. But the car didn’t usually stop here. There was never any traffic to obstruct them. And it was the wrong time of day for cows to be herded along the road from one field to the next, the red-faced farmer twitching a long cane against their waggling backsides. That didn’t take place till an hour later.

There were no cows but there was a black car angled across the narrow lane. He saw that its doors were open as though the driver had just stepped out to go somewhere and would be back in a moment.

He switched off his iPad and folded down its cover.

Harris, the chauffeur, pressed a button and there was a heavy clunk as all the doors in the vehicle locked.

Their eyes met in the rear-view mirror and then Harris’ eyes flicked past him to look through the rear window. He said, ‘Shit.’

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